Friday, June 10, 2022

Shed insulation costs in Ireland

 Shed Insulation Costs

The cost of insulating a shed with closed cell spray foam insulation depends on a few factors.
  1. The size of the shed. The larger the shed the lower the price per m2.
  2. How difficult is it to access. Does it require a cheery picker or scaffolding to reach.
  3. What will be the end use. Storage, shelter for animals, human occupation etc. 

Shed Insulation Costs per m2
Size in m2Depth of FoamPrice

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Spray Foam Insulation costs in Ireland

 Spray foam insulation costs Ireland

The costs related to getting spray foam insulation vary:
  1. What type of foam do you need to use. Is it open cell or closed cell spray foam?
  2. What are you insulating. Is it residential or commercial. As a rule of thumb residential or home insulation uses open cell spray foam and commercial uses closed cell spray foam insulation. 
  3. How large is the area to be insulated? The larger the lower per m2 price. Economics of scale apply. 
  4. In many cases a uValue is required to be met. This is achieved by controlling the depth. The deeper the foam depth the greater the cost. 
Here are some approx examples. 

Attic Insulation Costs Approx
House SizePrice Range
2 Bed House€1,400 - €1,650
3 Bed House€1,650 - €2,000
4 Bed House€2,000 - €2,500
5 Bed House€2,500 - €3,500
BungalowsWill need survey
New BuildWill need survey

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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Container insulation costs using closed cell spray foam insulation

 Shipping Container Insulation Costs

The cost of insulating a shipping container will depend on a few things
  1. The size of the container, Is it a 20 ft a 40 ft container or is it a 40 ft Cube Shipping
  2. What are you going to use the container for? Storage or transport, for heating or cooling, for living or for an office. Each will require a different depth and that will alter the price.
Here is a range of costs for insulating a shipping container

Size of ContainerPrice
20ft Container€750 +
40ft Container€1,400 +
40 ft Cube Shipping
€1,550 +

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